Bubble Air-Cellular Cushioning

bubair-img1CPI Packaging offers a wide range of bubble (air cellular cushioning) in multiple lengths, widths, and grades.  Three bubble heights are available: Small Cell – 3/16″, Medium Cell – 5/16″, and Large Cell – 1/2″.  Small cell is ideal for light cushioning and surface protection.  Medium and Large cell are better suited for cushioning applications.

Bundle widths are offered in 48″, 60″ and 72″.  This range of widths provides the flexibility needed for packaging a multitude of various sized products.

Three grades of bubble are also available: LD (light duty), MD (medium duty) and HD (heavy duty).  LD (light duty) is appropriate for most applications.  When heavier duty materials are required, MD and HD are available to do the job.

Standard bubble products are available in bags, rolls, and sheets.  Rolls can be slit and perforated.

Specialty options include cohesive and adhesive bubble as well as bubble laminations to various substrates including polyethylene foam and films.



On-Site Inflatable Cushioning

For high speed on site inflatable cushioning, CPI offers the Cushion Fill II Inflatable Air System. This high-speed inflatable cushioning system is capable of producing 65 feet of inflatable void fill material per minute.

Two stock sizes of film are available: 8” X 5” X 4,200 feet and 8” X 8” X 4,200 feet. Additional sizes are available by special order.