What is Bubble Pad®?

Bubble Pad® is a Tri-Layered Air-Cellular Bubble that traps the air cell between two layers of polyethylene. This provides added strength and cushioning properties to the bubble. Available in four different grades and three bubble heights (3/16″, 5/16″, and 1/2″). Bubble Pad® can be converted into rolls, sheets, bags/pouches, die-cut patterns, and laminated with other substrates such as foam, paper, and other flexible materials.


How Bubble Pad® Can Benefit You:

The uses for this product are unlimited. Its strength provides numerous uses in Industrial Packaging applications. Where regular bubble packaging materials will fail, our Tri-Layer Bubble Pad® will provide superior protection. The tough inner and outer layers of polyethylene provide protection from rubs, abrasions and punctures without the need for additional packaging material. Its flexibility and range of thicknesses also allow for use in a large variety of packaging applications.