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PAPER PRODUCTS (for Industrial, Furniture, and Moving & Storage Applications)orangedivider-lg
Kushion Kraft®
  • Better cost effective dunnage than standard wadding materials.
  • Indented kraft plies provide long-term cushioning even after repeated impact.
  • Excellent void fill product for dunnage applications.
  • High tensile and tear strength for rugged applications with sharp protrusions and edges.
  • Will absorb liquid spills.
Custom Wrap Wadding Materials
  • Multi-layers of pliable tissue provide excellent edge protection.
  • Conforms to the product, easily wrapping around any edge, while reducing labor costs.
  • Contains liquid spills in the package preventing weakening of the carton during shipment.
  • Ideal as a liner for animal cages and as an absorbent mat when combined with polyethylene backing. Fewer changes are required reducing material and labor cost.
  • Soft surface provides superior protection.


Moving and Storage Applications
CPI Packaging supplies packaging for the Moving and Storage industry. Disposable Paper Moving Blankets for wrapping and packaging furniture and accessories. They are available in custom sizes, construction, and are capable of being printed.


Paper Products available as:
moving-img3Stock Rolls
Variety of standard sizes for fast delivery with multi-directional perforations for easy dispensing and material control.
moving-img4Custom Products
Multiple combinations of soft tissue and rugged kraft paper along with film and paper backings available for special requirements.

All of our Paper Products are eco-friendly, sustainable packaging made exclusively from recycled materials.
Kushion Kraft® and Custom Wrap are Trademarks of Sealed Air Corporation.


  • Manufactured with Tri-Layered Bubble Pad®Air Cellular Bubble.
  • Available in multiple grades of bubble: Ultra Light Duty, Light Duty, Medium Duty or Heavy Duty
  • Superior resistance to tears and punctures while providing maximum surface protection and product cushioning for a wide range of applications.
  • Transparent material allows instant, mistake-proof product identification.
  • A polyethylene liner can be added to prevent dimpling.
  • Works well in combination with polybag or shrink wrap outer coverings to provide added protection when no carton is used.
  • Keeps furniture clean and dust free.
  • Can be made to a maximum height of 60” and to almost any width.
  • Can be used on wood, plastic, upholstery, glass or most any material.
  • Recyclable where facilities exist.